3 Thumbs Up

Garance Doré. Who could ever guess she started out as a children’s illustrator! Hooked on her amazing illustrations and equally captivating pictures, here! What more, perfect excuse to read since I can “practice my french”. Read about her Kelly story; one day I shall also buy myself my very own Rouge Garance and tell the man in my life who wanted to surprise me for Christmas, with it, “C’est mon cadeau à moi-même. C’est mon souvenir à moi. Personne ne peut me l’enlever.”

Interior Decors. Jenna Lyons’ (JCrew’s President & creative director) Brooklyn Town House. O.M.G. much? It’s therapeutic to me, looking at interior decorating magazines and blogs, just soaking up the images of beautiful decors and knick knacks. Can’t wait to eventually shop for knick knacks to call my own.

Selfless friends and a weekend of fashion!
Gorgeous friends who helped fight the wind and rain this weekend! Sneak peeks from a photoshoot, a little behind-the-scenes.


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