Elbow grazers

I’m a huge fan of the elbow grazer sleeves. To me, they’re flattering, appropriate and irresistably chic. It may very well be a trend but I dare say it’s my staple and I’ll happily indulge in them for many years to come. I’ve been adding multiple pieces in my wardrobe but the last 2 dresses would definitely seal the deal for me!


4 thoughts on “Elbow grazers

  1. LENE! I’D TOTALLY WEAR ALL OF THIS!! but i really don’t think i could pull it off..and i COMPLETELY LOVE the first and 2nd last (beige/offwhite) dresses..where do you find pieces like that?

  2. need.to.comment.
    haha love the first pic of how the girl rolled up the sleeves or her dress and army-green sweater!

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