The perfect slippers

Flats are a necessity. I believe heels truly elongate the legs but to a certain extent, I am thankful my feet complain when they’re trapped in a pair for too long.

Now, no matter where I go, a pair of flats are in my bag and I don’t deny that they are my greatest weakness. Great that WhoWhatWear agrees because I’m on my hunt for the perfect pair of slippers! (:

Clockwise: Not for the faint hearted – Sam Edelman Adena Satin Slippers; For the deeper pockets –  Christian Louboutin Roller Girl Leather & Velvet; Dainty souls/ soles –  ASOS Lord of the Manor Lace Slipper; Edgy chic – Topshop Klass Tassel

P.S./ On the train the other day, I snapped a shot of a gorgeous girl with ebony hair, red nails and my favourite flood length pants (That deserves a whole other post on its own). Best part? She had those simple, black leather slippers and I just couldn’t resist a picture!


4 thoughts on “The perfect slippers

  1. hey! i’m good haha. my launch is gonna be postponed.. have too many assignments and one exam to tackle next week so probably will launch it this weekend instead of today! 🙂

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