HAUL: Vernis à ongles

I’m a beauty junkie. I neither wear nor collect make up like the beauty gurus on Youtube but purchasing them makes me happy. I usually gravitate towards neutrals but the occasional pop of colours never fail to entice me as well.

Chanel launched the khaki vert a few collections back and I was lusting. But after the purchase of le particuliere, I couldn’t justify another 36 dollar splurge on a nail varnish. So, when I chanced upon Essie’s “sew psyched”, I was so psyched. From the bottle, it looks a little different from Chanel’s khaki vert. Essie has a slight iridescence in the bottle but on the nails it’s almost a smooth creme. Only under strong white light, the iridescent is slightly visible; and it’s my new go-to fashionfashion colour. If you know what I mean.

Since I started purchasing varnishes, I have always been an avid OPI fan. I justified it’s price for the formula, the signature pro-wide brush and their cheeky marketing. So, picking up an Essie felt quite like a crime. Nevermind that I picked up four; Sew Psyched, Absolutely Shore, Smooth Sailing and BBF best boyfriend(sniggers). Nevertheless, I was impressed. Essie’s formula is known to be stellar and my new babies indeed exceeded my expectations. I’m already penning my to-buy list; Going Incognito, Lapis of Luxury are my next must-haves.

Well, I guess my OPIs will now have to learn to live harmoniously with these new additions and many more Essies to come.

Buy Essie/ OPI: Flea markets in Singapore sell brand new bottles at SGD11 each/ Ebay/ 88beauty.com


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